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Meet our newest VINA team member!

I’m SUPER excited to introduce everyone to our newest team member, Danielle! She’s a laid-back, go-getter, midwestern gal… who I met on Hey! VINA. We took our relationship from right swipe to #vinadate to colleague in pretty much no time. When you know, you know, right? As I always say, networking and friend making are basically the same thing. We’re so excited to welcome her to VINA HQ this week. 


Okay, let’s start with the classic VINA question – What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasures are definitely kettle chips with ketchup, baby bottle pops, The Bachelor!🌹

Love it. So, which famous gals – from history or present day – who would definitely swipe right on?

Patti Smith, hands down. I actually met my SF bestie through Hey! VINA when we both listed her in our profile!

OMG! I love the book Just KidsTell me all about your very best friend!

I met my oldest bestie, Bonnie, when I was two years old! We met in an early preschool program and the rest is history.

danielle gif.gif

Describe your ideal vina date.

I love cocktail bars and live music. Specifically a gin gimlet followed by a show at Rickshaw – but I’m also always down to discover something new!

So, we’re all about living our best here. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Great things only happen when you get out of your comfort zone!

That’s great. Growth mindset all the way!

Last, but not least, what are you most excited about as a new member of the VINA team?

I am a huge fan and avid user of the app even before I started, so I’m excited to join the team of people who are just as passionate about building sisterhood around the world as I am!

Aw we’re excited for that, too! Thanks Danielle!


Hey! I'm Founder & CEO of VINA! I'm obsessed with meeting new friends, connecting people, a junkie for social psychology, and super passionate about empowering women around the world. I'm the proud owner of the coziest cat in the world, and love hosting wine nights with my vinas.

3 comments on “MEET OUR VINA: DANIELLE

  1. Welcome Danielle! Im interested on what a ‘baby bottle pop’ is! #britishtravellerhelp x


    • Emma Olswing

      Hey Alexandra! A Baby Bottle Pop is a candy lollipop in the form of a baby bottle (you dip the lollipop into the bottle portion which has sour powder)! Just your classic American over-the-top candy 😉


  2. Welcome Danielle! ❤ #VinaLove


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