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Let's be real: we're all in it for the 'gram.

Let’s be real, one of the best parts of traveling is getting to take photos of beautiful destinations… and then posting them on Instagram so all our vinas can be jealous of our sense of wanderlust. 😉 Check out our list of the top insta-worthy destinations you MUST travel to in your lifetime (or at least until the next-best photo-sharing app pops up).


London has so much more to offer than just its iconic telephone booths. What I love most about it is the clash between the old and new. Who would’ve thought that a glass building next to an old brick house would look so stunning?

Moreover, London has an amazing skyline! This picture taken from the dome of St. Pauls Cathedral requires no editing. The sun is about to set and it looks like it’s kissing London good night. Seriously, #nofilterneeded!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.17.42 AM
via @katie.one


Alicia Keys was not lying when she sang, These streets will make you feel brand new! Big lights will inspire you! My bad for getting that song stuck in your head, but these lyrics just perfectly describe the Big Apple. There are lights literally everywhere! Passing Times Square at night will definitely throw off your inner clock but hey-you’ll get some great shots!

Only 9 more sleeps 🇺🇸 #newyork #newyorkcity #holiday #countdown #newyorknewyork #newyorkskyline #excited #shopping #timessquare #timessquarenyc #virgin #virginholidays
via @katiesm3x


If you prefer nature to skylines, Scotland is your destination. It’s freezing out there, but it’s definitely worth it to take in the calm vibes of the hills and the glorious reflections in the water. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a glance of the Northern Lights.


It’s difficult to pick only one city, or island, or region in Thailand that stands out for the perfect snap. The whole of Thailand is so photogenic, that you need to make a tour across the country. Take pictures of the Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai or visit the amazing temples in Bangkok. Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo and many more are posing for you. Or head over to the beaches and capture the stunning turquoise water and islands.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.05.22 AM
via @thailandinsider


When your goal is to capture great architecture, your go-to place is Vienna. If you’re impressed by the outside of the buildings, wait until you see the from inside. It will take your breath away. Check out the Opera, the Schönbrunn Palace or the Belvedere Museum just to name a view.

And for you Instafoodies out there: The city of Schnitzel and Strudel also offers a variety of Insta-worthy food. Try some Leberkäs-Semmel or Kaiserschmarr’n. My favourite is and always will be Mohnkuchen – make sure to check your teeth after that!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.06.53 AM
via @vienna_austria 


You can find so much to snap in the capital of Copenhagen. From captivating street art to colourful birdhouses or scenic gardens at Tivoli and bright house fronts at Nyhavn. Definitely worth a visit! And bring some extra batteries!

There are so many beautiful details to capture in this city. I could barely take my camera down because I felt like I’d be missing out on a great shot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.12.09 AM
via @viagiatricevagabonda


The canals in Amsterdam make the city so much fun to explore. There are so many cute spots, it’s every Instagrammer’s dream. Its crooked houses will look like they’re straight out of Alice in Wonderland. And a little bonus is that Amsterdam is a proper bike city, so just wait for a cyclist to rush through your image to give it a nice touch.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.15.23 AM
via @amsterdamworld

Now that you’ve got the list, which destination are you headed to? Tell us in the comments!


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