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It's all about remembering your end goals!!

It isn’t easy combatting the lack of motivation that sets in when you are so close to graduating. You have spent years in the game, pulling all nighters for projects; skipped parties to write papers (granted they should have been done weeks ago), and skipped that big ABC (anything but clothes) party to be studious!  You worked tirelessly to study for the multitude of finals professors cram in at the very end of each semester, and now you are just completely burnt out. Your motto went from “I got this, just you watch me” to “future tomorrow, nap now.” Ah yes, sneaky senioritis has shown its ugly face. The question now is, with time running out, how are you supposed to fight back?

Firstly, be sure you are keeping a harmonic balance between work and play. We all know there is such a thing as having too much fun. It’s quite easy to get carried away and make your school years all about social status, thus letting your studies slip away. However, it can be  as equally harmful to put too much focus into your studies while never allowing yourself and your brain a night off.

It’s absolutely true that we attend school to learn about historic events, proper grammar and the periodic table. Then we go off to college to focus on a major- a particular subject, or two, that creates the foundation for what it is we would like to do for a living. Without the Yin and Yang that is schoolwork and socializing, one can find it all too easy to lose motivation. Sometimes, senioritis hits so hard because you find that you have spent so much of your time on school work that you have completely cut ties with you social side. Thus the saying: “too much of anything isn’t a good thing.”


Never forget how important those studies are though. They are the core reason for why you went to the trouble of going to college in the first place. I think we can all hatch up a story or two about someone we knew who went to college, but never seemed to be there for the diploma. Surely some people attend school solely for the “perks,” but don’t let yourself be one of these people. You will find it to be a very costly endeavor.

Even if you’re not in school anymore, you might find yourself just OVER. IT. Maybe you’re feeling unmotivated at work, slacking on your relationships, and/or feeling uninspired by hobbies that used to bring you tons of happiness. We all get in slumps, and this form of “senioritis” can be combatted just like the kind you experienced in school.

Remember what all your hard work has been for – you didn’t get yourself into this for nothing, at least I don’t think you did. You didn’t take on the students loans and the years of stress just to say “I’m tired,” and throw it all away. You started this to finish it, to get that little scrap of paper and have it framed for your wall. You did this to give yourself, your significant other, your parents and your children a better life. Remember YOUR life truly begins when you graduate and it beings hard and fast, so take charge of your future today, and save the nap for tomorrow.

Call up some of your vinas and plan a group study session to help with the perfect balance of social time and study time! Let us know some of your best remedies for senioritis in the comments!

(Photos via alexandra galbreath photography on pintrest)

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