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If this sounds like your perfect weekend, you may want to plan a trip North ASAP!

I vowed that 2017 would be the year that I travel and see new places (and actually do it). Though I may not be jet setting to London or Tokyo any time soon, I started planning trips to cities I have yet to see. The kick off my VINA travels, I went to the trailblazing city of Portland, Oregon. And trust, me – you should, too! Here are just a few of the things this city has to offer:


As a San Franciscan hipster, I felt that I blended in perfectly with a sea of plaid, skinny jeans, and boots. Portland is truly the land of the hipster. Though my wardrobe may have blended in perfectly, the locals tend to be a bit more laid back than the San Franciscan locals. I enjoyed this change of pace and got to converse with the very friendly Portland natives throughout my trip. (Srsly! I have never been in a city quite as friendly as Portland).


It’s worth the buzz, vinas (pun intended). I have never visited a city that had so many coffee shops and local businesses before. But happy that there were so many because the cups of coffee and tea definitely helped me survive the 30 degree weather I endured there. I had about eight cups of coffee and tea when I was there and I was only there for the weekend! That’s when you know they’re doing something right. Bow down to Portland vinas because they got their coffee game on lock.


As Belle once sang… “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”… you will definitely find your outdoor adventure in Portland. From the amount of Subarus I saw driving throughout Portland, these folks definitely take their outdoor adventures seriously. So trust me when I say that all of you outdoorsy vinas out there will be in a lush green sea of trees, mountains, and waterfalls galore.


If you’re an artsy vina who loves art, books and live music, Portland’s art scene is alive and well. Their cultural district is where you can find museums, local shops and more. It’s definitely a part of the city that has so much life and charisma.
Even though I was only at Portland for the weekend, it is totally worth the trip. It’s more laid back than cities like San Francisco and Seattle, but that’s one of the reasons I love it. From the change of pace, to the very friendly locals, to constantly driving in a forest of trees, Portland is a city unlike any other!
Plan a fun getaway with your vina and let us know about your travels over at Hey! VINA.

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