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Take your Spring cleaning game to the next level.

Spring cleaning is a natural reaction to the changing of the season. It’s an essential deed to flip over a new leaf and get that spring energy flowing for you. Things and clutter can stagnate the flow of your emotional life and creative pursuits. Spring is a time to seize the day and get those projects off the ground and out of beta phase, and cleaning out your surroundings is the first and vital way to get this started.

You will find yourself sorting through the spices or throwing out old socks before you even intended to formally make a day (or week) of it. Spring Cleaning though can quickly turn into a totally dishevelment of your entire house with little progress. It can be overwhelming or underwhelming. It can leave you in a pile of t-shirts and knickknacks drinking a bottle of wine. So, how does one spring clean like a pro? I recommend getting your hands on The Magical Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She’s a Japanese organizing consultant and has turned organizing into church with her methodical and genius method of sorting through and tossing out. But, perhaps you’d rather me summarize things for you here so you can get started asap.


The whole thing stems from a place of both joy and functionality. She first asks you to assess your things, and if it doesn’t bring you joy, chuck it. That means those outfits you wore with your ex, the book you never finished, the pair of gloves that make you kind of sad when you look at them because you no longer live in Portland. Get rid of them.

Become a samurai of nostalgia. Yes, keep serious keepsakes and things you will later regret parting with but for the most part we hold onto hordes of things that remind us of a time, albeit a happy time, but the memories are not held I things. Slice and dice them down to the bare essentials.

This was a big one for me: move forward with categories not rooms. This totally blew my mind because I would usually do one room and then pretty much never move onto the next. The idea is that things move from room to room. Rather decide to handle all of your books in the house, sort them out, get rid of the ones that won’t stay. Then move to linens, or towels, or shoes, I don’t know whatever you keep in mass. She says begin with clothing because it’s often times the largest area of life in which we can trim down. Save the weepy stuff for last when you have the hang of this, photographs come much later.

FOLD, in the special Kondo sort of folding way that makes it possible for you to see everything in your drawers and thus pretty much change your life.


Fall in love with your space. She advocates organizing everything in a visually pleasing way, your closet, your tables, your underwear, and then you will respect your possession more and they will bring you more joy. If something is ugly and sad and stuffed in the corner, no one is feeling good about it. Make it a lovely display of your wonderful taste.

So here is a sum up:

-Start with the easy things and move to harder more nostalgic items

-Move through your house with categories not rooms

-Do not be a prisoner to memories

-Keep only things which bring you joy

-Make beautiful what is left

Good luck ladies!!! If there is one thing I have learned from a major spring purge is that if you push through the anxiety induced by reducing, you will suddenly find yourself in a euphoric state of joy that comes with sloughing off the unneeded and the extra in your life.

(Feature image via Camille Styles)

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