A dinner party where even non-vegans won't miss the meat.

Veganism can seriously restrict you, not only in regards to the food you can eat but also in the friends who want to eat with you. It’s hard to get your pals together for a dinner party when most of them assume they’ll either be stuck eating tasteless tofu or leave starving.  Here’s how to satisfy everyone at the table—vegans and non-vegans, alike.


For a delicious side, give your friends roasted vegetables and olives with hummus, olive oil, and other dips. For a great starter, try some fried mushrooms and sunflower seeds. (Pro tip: they’re especially tasty fried in soy sauce.) If you fancy something more exotic, buy or make some falafel, and pair it with some zesty hummus. Here’s a yummy vegan garlic ball recipe for some #inspo.


Obviously, this is the hardest part, but there are still loads of delicious, satisfying dishes you can whip up. Non-vegans won’t even realize anything is missing from their meal! Potatoes (or sweet potatoes) are a great thing to use as a base because they are very versatile and filling. Plus, if your recipe doesn’t involve the skins, you can then stuff them with vegetables and serve them alongside as a delicious addition to the meal. Eggplants and other veggies add texture and flavor to recipes. And curry is key. It adds flavor, spicing up any vegan main dish. Check out this chickpea and sweet potato curry recipe.


It may seem like finding a vegan dessert is very difficult, as so many of them involve chocolate or other dairy. However, homemade vegan desserts are easy to come by. If you’re feeling summery, here’s a delicious strawberry cheesecake recipe. In the mood for something a little heavier? Try this decadent chocolate tart.

Share your fave vegan dishes with us in the comments!

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