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The good, the bad, and ugly.

May I be honest with my vinas? I could seriously write a whole listicle about what “Insecure” has taught me about friendship. Mainly, I could discuss how overjoyed I was to watch Issa Rae on television after watching her on YouTube for years.

This show was necessary because it tells the story of young, progressive African-American women and men. People of other cultures and backgrounds can relate to Issa because we have all been the awkward friend. We’ve also been in tough relationships- long or short.

However, what I learned most about friendship from this show is that friendship gets ugly. Yes, friends can be an outlet and a shoulder to lean on during rough times.

We all tell our vinas what they don’t want to hear sometimes. How many times has your vina rolled her eyes at the guys you’ve hooked up with on Tinder? Or maybe she suggested you skip a party to finish your dissertation that’s due in two weeks. Whatever the situation, no matter how deep it gets, no friendship is peachy keen.

Remember the last episode, “Broken as F*ck”? Molly lets her guard down and gives Issa a ride back to Los Angeles in hopes that she can salvage her relationship. Even though they had gotten into the biggest argument of their friendship, she let love be the reason to stand up for her friend.

When Issa came home to Lawrence’s absence, Molly was right there to catch her when she was at her lowest. That is the moment they both realized that although their disagreement was harsh, they were both right about each other. We are comfortable being vulnerable with our friends because they remind us who we are during the times we forget.

It’s healthy to release your thoughts and emotions with friends so that you never have to wonder how they feel. You can argue, get to the root of the problem, and agree to never act that way again. It’s a process that should be practiced in all relationships in order to heal and thrive.

I’m glad “Insecure” is on the big screen to ensure to me that my vinas and I aren’t the only ones who sit on the couch, pig out, and wonder when we’ll get the passionate, dope love that our hearts desire. I am Issa, and she is me.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch “Insecure” yet, it can be streamed on HBOGo and Amazon.

What lessons did you learn from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

(Feature image via @insecurehbo)


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