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I bet you didn't know this about Tupac's mom.

It’s Women’s History Month and we want to make sure we give props where props are due! So, here are some cool facts about Afeni Shakur!

The late Afeni Shakur was much more than just the mother of hip hop legend, 2pac. She was a revolutionary.

Born Alice Faye Williams in Lumberton, North Carolina she changed her name to Afeni Shakur when she moved to New York City and became a member of the Black Panther Party, a revolutionary black socialist and nationalist organization.  

In 1969, Shakur along with others were arrested for conspiring to bomb public buildings. Against everyone’s advice, she acted as her own criminal defense lawyer and with no formal education, won her freedom in 1971. She gave birth to one of the most iconic and memorable artists in history, Tupac Shakur just thirty-four days after being released from prison.


In 1995, Tupac made her the subject of his classic song, “Dear Mama” in which he shared his undying love and support for his mother. And after his death in 1996, she founded the Tupac Amaru Shakur foundation, which provided art programs for young people.

In 2003, she produced and even starred in a documentary film about the life, career and death of her son, titled Tupac: Resurrection. She also produced a Broadway musical titled, Holla if Ya Hear Me also based on her son’s life.  She died last May at the age of 69, but, like her son, she left a legacy. There’s a biopic, All Eyez on Me  about her sons life in the works, in which Afeni was an executive producer, where actress Danai Gurira plays Afeni Shakur.

Throughout her life, Afeni Shakur stayed dedicated to supporting and fighting for the rights of voiceless people while also maintaining her late son’s legacy. From revolutionary, mother, philanthropist and producer – we take time to honor the late Afeni Shakur for her many contributions to the world.

And in the words of her late son we let her know, “You are appreciated”.

How has Afeni’s story inspired you? Tell us in the comments!

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