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Take advantage of the time you have left in the same place!
About a year and a half ago, my fiancé and I packed up a moving van and relocated a thousand miles across the country – away from our families and friends. We were leaving some of the best friends in the world behind, and it was really tough moving to a city where we would know no one.
However, moving away from a friend does not have to mean the end of your friendship! It’s easier than ever to stay in touch. For some friends, it might even feel like you never left. Know that long distance friendships are definitely possible, and a friend moving away doesn’t have to be as miserable as it sounds.


If your vina is moving away, consider getting her a picture frame with a photo of the two of you. This will help decorate her new home and remind her of the awesome vinas that she’ll always have. Even if you are the one moving, consider giving a few of your vinas a similar memento to remember the good times you had. You could even have a going away party with all of your friends as one last hurrah, plus you’ll all remember it forever.


If one of you is moving just a few hours away, consider making plans every other month to see each other. If you’re moving across the country, make plans to visit within the year. Having long distance friends is the perfect opportunity to meet up for a vacation! Meet each other halfway in a new city, and you will have fun both catching up and exploring. Before the big move, set a time frame for your next trip to see each other. Instead of being sad that your friend is gone, you will have a future date to be excited about.


With social media, it’s so easy to stay connected. Try to connect with your vina once a week or once a month to see what she’s been up to. Schedule weekly FaceTime dates or send daily Snapchats. Even consider being pen pals and communicating via handwritten letters.  It’s always exciting to get something other than bills in the mail, and it’s a great way to stay in touch.
If you’re not great at keeping in touch but don’t want to lose your friend, set up reminders on your phone to reach out and say hi. Your friend will appreciate the familiar face (or voice or text). Keep as many of the same habits as you can with your vina – it will make the transition less scary.
Big friendship moves are always sad, but just because you’re moving away from a friend, doesn’t mean you will lose them. Hang out with your vina as much as possible before she goes, and just remember that it won’t be the last time you see her.
How have you and your vina coped with distance? Let us know in the comments!

 (Featured image via  Herschel Supply Co.)

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