Fun Sisterhood


You're not really friends with your vina until you give her some ridiculous nickname.

You’re not really friends with your vina until you’ve given her a new name. But don’t panic if you haven’t yet- you can use some of these strategies to dub your vina with a nickname only you could create.


Did you ever play that game where someone started by saying “orange” and then you had to say the first thing that popped into your head until you were back at orange? Start with someone naming your vina, and associate until you’re all completely confused about how you got to where you did.


What book character is your vina like? Who’s her favorite? Who does she talk about all the time or rave about whenever possible? Start calling her that character’s name; then, come up with a nickname for that name.


If your vina was a type of food, what would she be? Does her name rhyme with any food? Does she look like a type of food? Is she obsessed with a certain type of food? I’ve been called “Bekup” because it rhymed with “Ketchup,” and I knew a Nate who became “Potato” (from Nato-Potato, I guess, and he shaved his head, so there was arguably some resemblance). Be kind, but do stretch your imagination.

BONUS: You can do a similar exercise with animals. Or alcohol. Or really any category.


BUT FOLLOW THESE RULES. Rule 1: If you use the internet for help, you must do it in the company of at least your vina and preferably a larger group of close vinas! Rule 2: Search name generators (Spy name generator, Pirate name generator, Mafia name generator, etc.). Rule 3: find nicknames for everyone in the group, but only keep using the best one. Rule 4: Wine definitely helps.


What’s the shortest, easiest-to-say sound that still resembles your vina’s name? What a shorter, easier-to-say sound than that? And then what’s one that’s kind of like that, but also makes you laugh a tiny bit, or even fits your vina’s personality? And then say it over and over again. And again. Until it’s easy and funny and couldn’t be anyone but your vina.


Layers aren’t only good in fashion. The best nicknames evolve through stages and have many layers of meaning. Start with one of the above, use it for a while, combine it with another, throw in something random, and get other people on board. A nickname that stops growing won’t stick.

Have any other advice for making good nicknames? Let us know in the comments! 

(Feature image via Brandy Melville)

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