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Developing meaningful friendships takes time, but it's worth the effort!

So you’ve been on Hey! VINA for a bit. You put time and effort into your profile. You swipe and match with purpose. You’ve even met up with a few potential vinas. But alas, you still haven’t made any forever friends, and you’re feeling defeated.

Don’t worry! This is totally normal. And above all else, it has nothing to do with you. Making friends can sometimes feel like dating, and you don’t fall madly in love with every person you go on a date with, do you?

Good things take time, and developing meaningful friendships is a great thing. So patience is key and so is persistence. The more you put yourself out there, the greater your chances are of meeting the perfect vina for you. Because everyone deserves their own vina success story.

But if you really are feeling burnt out, step back from the app. Take a weekend to recharge, take care of yourself, and spend some Q.T. with your pre-existing vinas.

These gals just get you. And they can remind you of all the qualities you look for in a true vina. Your mom, sisters and high school/college friends are always good options. Think about what makes these relationships so amazing, and consider how you can translate that into something new.

But after this hiatus, hop right back on Hey! VINA. There is someone really wonderful waiting to get coffee, talk about the madness of life, and laugh until they cry with you by their side. You’ve just got to keep searching.

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