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After a while, a bestie can start to feel like an extension of yourself. You don’t thank your right hand for being a hand, do you? We often fall into the same trap with the people we keep close. There are probably tons of things you regularly forget to thank your best vina for, and here are just a few:

  • Wearing sweatpants when you need to wear sweatpants. She might be able to conquer the world that day, but you can’t, and she’s totally willing to get on your level.
  • Memorizing your triple-shot-hemp-milk-latte-with-no-sugar-added order by heart.
  • Having your back. Allegiance goes a long way, and we often take that for granted.
  • Reading the rough draft.
  • Eating the extra fries, so you can’t.
  • Listening to rehash for months and months after the breakup.
  • Openly judging when you do it again.
  • Telling you the first outfit was cuter.
  • Giving you her hair tie even though she needs it.
  • Committing a whole day to watching Netflix, even though she isn’t the hungover one.
  • Having the bottle of wine open when you get there.
  • Being your biggest cheerleader.


What sweet things does your vina do that deserve a thank you?

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