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Living in a city is hard. They’re fast paced, unrelenting, and sometimes downright cruel. Yet, cities are the place where most of our careers flourish,  we find our niche (and ourselves), and grow into the adults we’re meant to be. I would argue, like this article I recently read, that none of these things are possible, city or not, without your best friend.

I remember in middle school when we wrote notes (really showing my age here) and we’d sign them with BFFL (“best friends for life”), and BFF (“best friends forever”).

While I’m no longer signing texts “best friends forever,” I can honestly say that I still have best friends now as an adult, and I know these relationships will last for life.

Maia Dickinson really makes me think about my friendships and their importance in a completely different way. She talks about learning the importance of intimacy, when and how to be honest, “the art of unconditional support,” and the ability to lean on someone for support in difficult situations.

If you can learn to be a great friend, you’ve set yourself up for a lifetime of great relationships.

From this, we can argue that adult friendship is our first adult relationship. Dickinson goes on to say she’s learned companionship, compromise, compatibility, and complacency, all from her adult friendships.

She’s really onto something here. My adult friendships have taught me all these things and more. I’d even go as far to say I wouldn’t  be who I am or where I am today without my adult best friends. I’ve learned that adult friendship is the building block for any great relationship. If you can learn to be a great friend, you’ve set yourself up for a lifetime of great relationships.

Do you have an adult best friend? Share this with her and tag her in the comments below! Still looking for one? Download Hey! VINA on the app store and get ready to meet your new bestie. 

(Feature image via @curlswithapromise)

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