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This vina has some tips to keep the conversation open and respectful.

An important lesson I’ve learned this year is that a friendship should have boundaries. I’ve noticed there are certain strategies for discussing topics with those of different views. We want to support and inform our vinas, not offend them.

One of those topics is race. I frequently address social justice in my statuses to show where I stand with my views. If you stumble along a vina who is just as vocal, don’t panic! When the time is right, these two steps will ease the process.


If your vina is a woman of color, she faces other challenges beside just being a woman in today’s patriarchal society. Listen actively and speak up for her when possible. Your support is always appreciated and welcomed.


Race won’t always be a voluntary conversation piece. After this year’s election, it plays a large part in how we view the people around us at work, school, etc. If you find the discussions around you starting to heat up, diffuse the situation by encouraging others to research on their own. A more ‘in-depth’ understanding can take the heat off, while shining light on one’s perspectives.

I used to cringe whenever I was called a ‘social justice warrior.’ Now, I embrace it. I’m proud to be able to fight for what I believe in while embracing my culture.

Have you had one of these talks with a vina yet? Tweet us, or comment below, and check out Hey! VINA on the app store. 

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