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Some people, like myself, seem to spend their entire lives behind cameras. For us, it’s more than just sending funny snapchats or taking sunset pictures for Instagram. Those perks are part of it, but it is so much more.

We can’t seem to go anywhere without hauling around a camera pack filled with lenses, batteries and memory cards. Mundane and seemingly ordinary events become hallmarks for us. We rack up hour after hour of video and have thousands of photos all available at the touch of a button.

Obviously, there are folks who question whether or not our perceived lack of involvement in these activities means that we are not experiencing them to the fullest. They question our ability to appreciate what’s happening around us because we somehow seem distracted.

I think I can speak for many in saying that we are most definitely experiencing those moments as they are happening. However, we also get the privilege of living those moments for years down the road.

There is certainly always a fine line to be drawn; one which many of us have had to learn the hard way.

We learn to put the camera down more often when playing with our children and pets. Babies and animals don’t appreciate the documentation process as much as we do, so it’s important to try and be more hands on with them than with the camera.

It’s also important to be aware of the situation. For example, my friends and family know that where I go, my camera goes and because I have been doing it for so long it doesn’t bother them anymore. Some people’s loved ones will struggle with it more because they are more self conscious about being filmed, or they just want you to play a bigger role in what is happening at the time. It’s important to respect their wishes, but not lose your ambition to record.

For us photo-maniacs, we feel like the only way to live is to record; to capture. Personally, when I find myself suffering through difficult times, the best thing I can do is go back to the moments I have captured on my camera. I can look at years of memories in minutes and my spirits are instantly lifted because I am reminded of my happiest times.

These experiences turn into classic movie snippets where we are star actresses and actors.  Not convinced? Try replaying two or even 3-year-old holiday footage and watch your family members who were annoyed at the time turn red with nostalgia.

I have spent most of my lifetime collecting memories. My cameras have essentially become an extension of my body and therefore go wherever I go. They have captured some of my life’s biggest and best moments and also some of my hardest challenges. So for better or for worse, get out there and capture life the way you see it.

Do you bring your camera everywhere you go? How did you find balance? Let us know in the comments below and check out Hey! VINA for more like this. 

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    1. Exactly! So many people don’t realize that for folks like us sometimes moments are made even more special through a lens and the fact that you can revisit them over and over again makes things even more special. Moderation is key, absolutely right. Sometimes you have to set the camera aside and just go with it but quite often I know I find myself reverting right back to my camera haha. Sometimes I will just set it up somewhere , hit record and that way I’m hands off but still capture the memory. 😊


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