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You may have mixed feelings as you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, but admit it, the people you friend and follow certainly enlighten and entertain you. After all there probably wouldn’t be any reason to use Facebook without your most fascinating and funny friends!

Though everyone uses Facebook in a different way, we’ve identified the five different types of friends you’re likely to see on your news feed. Here’s what makes them great both on and offline!

laughinggif.gifTHE MEME AFICIONADO

This Facebook friend has a taste for Evil Kermit, Crying Jordan, and all things that are both trending and laughable. Perhaps they’ll even create their own takes on already-popular content or make something completely original go viral! Whatever they share, you are likely to react with the “Haha” face. As evidenced by their shares, they are likely to have an impeccable sense of humor and keeps the crowd chuckling at every group hangout and party they’re at.


When you aren’t able to take a vacation, this Facebook friend will take you where you want to go. When you see that check-in from their home airport to a far-away destination, you know you both are in for a treat! Whether it’s shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York City, visiting museums in Paris, or relaxing on the beaches in Bali, they really know how to have a good time wherever they visit. They take in the food, the shops, the landmarks, the culture, and the locals. Their photos belong on a postcard, and frankly, it’s difficult not to be a little jealous of them! In addition to being an international explorer, this friend is most likely to be adventurous in other aspects of their life.


Even though this Facebook friend may not be one of your closest real-life friends, it definitely feels like you know them well. They’re always sharing posts about work or school. If they’re a parent to a child and/or a pet, you can count on them to post adorable photos with doting captions. Maybe they are passionate about a hobby or lifestyle, like fitness, music, or writing. The journey of their lives is something that they’re not afraid to put out there. On and offline, they are truly dedicated to the things and the people they love and are happy to share their accomplishments with others.


giphyemm.gifWhether they like to dine out or cook at home, this Facebook friend is constantly posting photos that make your mouth water! They never fail to post a tantalizing snap of their latest culinary creation or the fancy dessert from the new restaurant they’re checking out. You might see them checking in to their neighborhood bistro or sharing those addicting recipe videos from Tasty. You already know that you’d go to their house for dinner or at least meet up with them for brunch because they know where all the hot spots are at.


This Facebook friend is quite opinionated about the going-ons in the world. The latest Apple products? Yes. The hottest celeb gossip. Totally. News, current events, and the state of society? Check. You may not necessarily agree with everything they have to say, but they may have some hot takes that you can relate to or otherwise find fascinating. Much like The Life Sharer, this type of friend is very passionate about their interests. They also happen to be very outspoken about them!

Which Facebook friend are you? Are there any that we’ve missed? Share your thoughts below!


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