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Being a mom is, well, let’s face it – HARD, WORK. It’s a full-time job. Between regular household duties, work duties, parental duties, & spousal duties, it can feel like there’s no time left for ourselves.

When you’re a mom, you start finding other vinas that are moms. You all sort of start subconsciously attracting each other into your little circle of moms, which is great! But then, the play dates start to become redundant, & the juice stains on your shirt aren’t funny anymore. But you can’t schedule a play date every time you need adult time…

So, you try to plan a night of JUST adults. No kids allowed. But then grandma & grandpa have bingo plans, & the aunts & uncles are out of town. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You’re never getting a break. This is parenthood.

But wait

Why not hire a sitter? Well because you have to hire one, & if your vina’s kid’s grandparents are at bingo, too, well now she has to hire a sitter, & now we’re both trying to find a sitter & one of them might cancel last minute & then you got all ready for nothing & now the house is burning down & all your hopes & dreams have vanished.


Why not hire & share a sitter? Two birds, one stone. Two sets of kids, one house, one sitter, one pay rate. That’s right, you heard me. Now instead of your original plan with two separate sitters, where both of you have to pay each one in full – now I’m telling you you can cut your personal sitter cost in half. Can it be? Oh yes, yes it can.

Much like the Hey! VINA app that brought us all here to begin with – making vinas, one swipe at a time – there is actually an app for sitters. Ohh yeah, vinas. Would I lie to you? Never.

Either you, or your vina, can create an account on Care – the most reliable sitter site, complete with background checks & all – & find the PERFECT sitter for your night out. You can even find a handful of backups for worst case scenarios.

Back on cloud nine yet? Thought so.

So what are you waiting for?! Find yourself a sitter, grab your vinas, & venture out into the night – childless. But remember, it is just one night, so don’t go too crazy! (Who am I kidding, take advantage & have a blast – it is just one night!)

(Feature image via shopsweetthings)

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