Hey vina, hey!

You know what the best part about being a vina is? We’re all freaking amazing. No, seriously. If you don’t consider yourself a vina but have other vinas in your circle, what are you even doing?! Everyone needs vinas in their lives! And more importantly, we all need vinas that are loving, inspiring, life-changing.

There is one vina that you must, and I mean must make it a priority to have in your daily life. Now, she is a little bit on the celebrity-status side, so you may not be able to grab a Frappuccino with her, but you CAN follow her everyday wonderfulness.

If you don’t know who she is, get ready. I’m about to drop some knowledge.



Total feminist. Uplifter. World peace activist. Role model for vina power. Queen.

She is the embodiment of how every vina should aspire to live. Alright alright, take that with a grain of salt – we all have different beliefs, hobbies, and lives we’ve already built and committed to – but as far as characteristics? Oh yeah, she’s the one.

You may have first met Sophia as “Brooke,” on One Tree Hill. You know how Brooke went from total mean girl/wild child to total success story – kind, loving, generous, & the best vina anyone could ever ask for? Well, that’s actually real-life Sophia.


I follow her Instagram and let me just tell you – her inspirational, positive, uplifting posts GET.ME.THROUGH.LIFE. Seriously. Some days I’m just sitting there like what is this day? I’m over it. And all I have to do is pop open my Insta, scroll down,  and there it is – the one post I needed to see, reminding me of life, love, gratitude, and that tomorrow is a new day. And whose post is that? Yep. You guessed it.

She doesn’t discriminate. She’s never hateful. She encourages peace, love, and gratitude. And of course, I can’t forget – she LIVES for friendships. With all types of people, in all types of places, taking on the world. She is constantly uplifting her vinas, praising them, and being grateful for every single one of them along the way.


It truly is amazing to see. Sophia is a reminder that there are still amazing people that we can really look up to out there. Her confidence, generosity, and humility truly make her the perfect example of the type of vina we should all aspire to be.




In light of us still being fresh into 2017..

“Process the good, the bad, & everything in between. Offer grace to yourself. To those you love & those you don’t know. & then kiss this year goodbye as you welcome what’s to come.” – Sophia Bush

Words to live by.

Be sure to bring Sophia’s inspiration to your everyday feed by following her on Instagram: @sophiabush

Who’s your celebrity-vina inspiration? Tell us in the comments! And who says you have to be a celebrity to be amazing, start meeting amazing vinas now!

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