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It’s a word that just makes many cringe, no matter the context. No one likes thinking about divorce. Sometimes it feels like no one even wants to say the word.

How do you handle such a major life transition? No matter the situation, Divorce is a loss, and losses need to be grieved. So how do we go through this process, and still maintain connection with our vinas? How do we talk to them about it? Or do we not talk about it at all? Do our vinas want to hear about our loss, our pain? Or is that too much of a burden? I mean, it’s not their problem to deal with, right?

No, vina. Wrong. Why? Because when you go through something so big, so important and emotional, you need support, and you shouldn’t shut your vinas out. There is a difference between burdening people with your problems, & leaning on them for much needed love and support through this tough time.

You should be talking to your vinas. Actually, it’s important to talk to your vinas rather than just talking to family members (who can be quite opinionated and sometimes tactless about the subject). If you have good vinas in your life, then they’re not judgmental. They will understand. They will be empathetic. They will be there for you, be your shoulder to cry on, and take you for a night out to remind you how amazing you are, and what a big world is still out there. They will help you through – no matter what.3eec11656ebe4a0c938eb80a9eda09df.jpg

Your vinas are the ones that are going to remind you of who you are as an individual. Because going through a divorce can make you feel like you’ve lost yourself, like you don’t know who you are anymore, or even make you believe that you are nothing without that part of your life, and that is never the case.

Our lives occur in chapters, and sometimes divorce is never in anyone’s book, but when it is – it is only for a chapter. The next chapter will come. It has to! Time is inevitable, and before you know it, you’ll be leading an entirely new life, and if you’re lucky, those same vinas will be participating in that new life with you; because you didn’t shut them out. They were there with you the whole way.

And that right there… that makes the aftermath of something so hopeless – beautiful.08c7dacb59aca87167c3c2d6784785fc.jpg

Reach out to your old vinas, or find new support on Hey! VINA. 

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