Friendship Advice


Gone are the days of friendships that revolved around free excitement. Remember when your parents would take you and your friends to the movies, or out for dinner and ice cream? Aah, the good days when concert tickets, theme park visits, and even gas to get from place to place was all provided by the grownups. It’s not quite the same anymore. Now whenever you and your friends want to get together it’s all out of your own pockets. So what happens when those pockets  are full of nothing but lint and old gum wrappers?


I have been working in retail for over a year now and because of my lack of hours and minimum-wage pay, I’ve always been strapped for cash. Two big moves within two years, including the move out of my parents house have added to the financial strain. However, a girl’s gotta make friends, you know. So while I have turned to Hey! VINA for some social interaction, a little voice constantly reminds me, Girl you have no money.

You can’t let this stop your social life! Even though it can feel debilitating when you can’t hit up every club and brunch spot, you just have to be more selective about your choices and how often you make them. It’s also important to maintain healthy relationships with people. Canceling plans because you can’t afford to go out can and will lead to completely going ghost. So be real with your friends, because people will be more accepting of a friend who can’t always afford to go out than they will of someone who is always flaking on plans.

You don’t have to dive into detail about your financial sitch, but personally – it helped putting myself out there and letting the girls know that my job didn’t pay well. You would be surprised at how many people will sympathize with your plight because they know that the struggle is real.

For now, keep in mind all the great things you and your friends can do at little to no cost at all. Set up some workout dates, or go for a bike ride. Go for a walk in the park and have a picnic, or even walk to the coffee shop around the corner for a chat. I know we all want to make a good impression and connect over cool activities, and feeling broke is certainly no fun. Just keep in mind though, that the best friends you have in life are the ones who will want to hang with you no matter what your bank statements look like!

Now that you have a few budget friendly vina date ideas, get out there and meet your vina!


    1. Thank you so much Emily! It’s definitely a struggle because you can often feel like you’re going through it alone. Hopefully I have helped to remind some people that they are certainly not alone. 😊


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