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We have some very, very special vinas for you to meet today! Our Editorial Interns Zoe, Tessa, Sofia, Annamarie, and Hyunny are absolute rockstars. These gals are super passionate about the VINA mission and bring some serious editorial skills to back it up. Meet them below!


This photog and poet instantly caught our attention and we knew she’d make a great addition to the team. Check out her social psych pieces on the ‘zine! You can also connect with Zoe here.

“I love VINA because it’s a great way to connect when you move to a new city! You can meet locals or other newbies to explore with. I found out about VINA when I moved to San Francisco from the east coast, and it has helped me meet some awesome women who share my passions.”



Tessa is our editor extraordinaire – she’s Managing Editor of her campus newspaper and knows WordPress like the back of her hand. Plus she’s super creative! Read her tips for starting a good bullet journal here and check her out on Twitter and Instagram (warning: her insta may induce major foodie jealousy)!

“I first heard about VINA scrolling through my socials, and I loved the idea of a platform for making new friends that was just for women. I immediately jumped on the app and met some amazing girls in my own city. What I love most is that VINA creates space for women –  of all backgrounds! – not only in the app, but on our modern, empowering blog, the VINAZINE, too.”



We are SO lucky this fiesty gal decided to take a semester off from the ivy league to join us here at VINA. An intersectional feminist on a mission, Sofia is just the type of outspoken babe we love. Make sure you read all her pieces on the VINAZINE! 

“I love VINA because it is an empowering platform for women to push past the edges of their comfort zones and connect with people they may not have gotten the chance to meet anywhere else. What drew me to VINA was the fact that women could travel – whether it be regionally or internationally, moving home or vacationing, etc – and be able to find tour guides and new BFFs without the creepy stigma attributed to dating apps. I think that alone, women are powerful, but together, and with deep friendships, we have capacities that are world-shattering. VINA is an indispensable tool towards the goal of empowering and connecting women everywhere!”

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Annamarie is seriously a force to be reckoned with – balancing her internship, major, and sorority involvement all while keeping cool, calm, and collected. She’s already written some hilarious stuff – read it here

“Female empowerment is my lifelong mission, and VINA’s genuine dedication to this same cause is both inspiring and unique. As soon as I read VINA’s mission statement, I was hooked. The connections women make everyday through Hey! VINA are absolutely invaluable, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”


Hyunny comes to us from the East Bay! She’s passionate about hip hop and everything pop culture and writes a mean blog post (in a good way). Read her work so far here and connect with Hyunny on Instagram!

“I came across VINA through a Facebook status that my friend posted. I remember going to the website’s  “About Us” page and seeing FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN—and I knew I had to work here. Aside from the fact that Hey! VINA has taken anything annoying out of “swiping” and actually made it fun, it’s also brought me out of my own comfort zone when it comes to making new friends!”

Want to join our editorial team? Apply to be a Contributing writer for the VINAZINE! Contributors are VINA Society members who get to work closely with the VINA Editorial team and are the first choices for in-house internships and other job opportunities. 

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