College Life Sisterhood Thrive


The beauty of a group of vinas resides in it’s diversity: none of us have been raised the same way, lived the same way, or been taught the same way. Just like a college major, each individual brings something different: a new perspective, an interesting prose, and crazy, lovable personalities. Read on to figure out which college majors are in your vina-group.


The vina with her head on perfectly straight. If you’re feeling stressed about finances, you know you can come to her and she’ll help you sort yourself out in a minute. She’s driven and motivated, and your best option for a gym buddy. You can always count on her to help you figure out how to best organize your apartment and logically explain to you why your S/O just isn’t worth the heartache.



This girl is smart and witty, and while she’s grounded, she lives with her head just a little bit in the clouds. She’s got big dreams and the ambition to follow them, and she pushes her vinas to follow their aspirations, too. You can find her curled up with a book by her favorite poet or author in her regular coffee shop chair by the window.


This vina is all about the youth. She likes loud colors and patterns, and has the cutest back-to-school gear. You can catch her staying up with the latest trends, and count on her for her put-together outfit ensembles. She’s bright and bubbly, and her empathy is something you can always lean on when you’ve had a bad day.

THE COMMUNICATIONS MAJORf39deda29761e59d55ee33f3b5acbf9c.jpg

This is the vina you call when you need something done. She’s confident and well-spoken, and she knows how to get what she wants. Having trouble with your phone company, or a big presentation coming up at work? Give this vina a call and she’ll know just what to do to help you.


This gal’s got some serious brain power, and she shows it with her analytical mind and observations of the world. You can usually find her letting loose in the kitchen, concocting new recipes–both good and bad. She’s great to grab drinks with, and a secret people-watcher. If you need to do some problem solving, she’s always there for you.



Graphic design, printmaking, ceramics, painting–this vina’s got a creative gene. She’s constantly trying out new DIYS and crafts, getting a new badass tattoo, or convincing you to try a new hands-on art class with her. She’s fiercely protective and stubborn with a snarky streak. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? One day with this vina and she’ll have you up and running.

So, which major are you and your friends? Let us know in the comments below, and check out Hey! VINA on the app store for fun quizzes and new friends. 

(Feature image via @anapauladuyer)

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