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Themed play dates are as easy as birthday parties. Okay vinas… maybe birthday parties aren’t easy, but they always turn out super fun & memorable – am I right?! Even stay at home mamas don’t have as much free time as some may think. Between the cleaning & the cooking, & the cleaning & well, the rest of the cleaning, it might feel like the time to plan themes playdates doesn’t exist, but, hopefully, this list will show you just how easy and worthwhile putting in the extra energy can be.

When it comes to motherhood, a tiny bit of effort from each of us makes things easier for the rest of us! You know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work. Depending on what everyone likes, I know you mama vinas can come up with some amazing ideas for your amazing kiddos to enjoy. Here are some ideas from lived experience that can help you set up your calendar for the fun year ahead:


We’re all still winding down from the chaos of the holidays. Sounds like the perfect time for a Pajama Party! Who doesn’t love hanging out in their pajamas all day, watching movies, and lounging with our best vinas? Plus, the little ones can snack on some organic popcorn, share their favorite toys, & if all goes well, maybe even end the play date with a group nap! (Hey, a mama can dream, right?)


February holds the day of love. So get some paper, your preferred drawing utensils, & get together to make Valentine’s cards! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like spending time together for a crafternoon.


You don’t want to be pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, do ya? Put on your favorite green outfit, & meet up at a mama vina’s house for special St. Patty’s Day decorated cookies & crafts! Or if you’re feeling green in more ways than one, use this month as an environmental education opportunity! Meet up outdoors or at a museum to make a playdate out of learning!


April Fool’s Day can be fun, so long as you are two steps ahead of the kids. This month, plan a surprise in disguise – tell the kids you are going somewhere they hate, but show up somewhere they love!

If you are afraid of future retaliation for April Fool antics,  you could do an Easter play date (full of egg decorating fun), or an Earth Day play date, & teach your little ones how fun gardening can be! You can choose either one you & all your mama vinas like, or even do both!


Where are the music lovers at?? Have concert in your own living room. Banging on pots & pans (and whatever else they can get their hands on) will have your kids coming up with some musical genius, trust me. Or find some actual kid-friendly instruments! Sing some songs your little ones know or even throw on a Kidz Bop CD & just have fun! Be sure to have cameras and phones ready for future laughs.


Flag Day & Father’s Day make planning this month easy. You could do a flag themed play date for some arts & crafts and make flags from all different countries. This could be an awesome moment to teach your littles about the rest of the world. Father’s Day is also a great opportunity for some fun. Pick a crafty Father’s Day project, and have fun making them together for all of the great dads in your lives!


July brings Independence Day, of course. How about getting together for a red, white, and blue, tie die T-shirt making frenzy?! This can be done a day or two before the fourth, and then your little ones could even wear them on the big day!


The theme this month? Under the Sea! It’s probably boiling hot wherever you live and we’re all ready for a splash of cold water. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than the great unknown of the big ol’ ocean. Between sea creature crafts, water toys, and Finding Dory, there’s a LOT you could do with an underwater themed day. You could even make cookies shaped like different sea creatures for the little ones to enjoy (and your mama vinas, of course).


Going back to school can feel like pulling teeth, which is why this month’s themed playdate needs to be special. Get the kids ready for school by hosting a note-book decorating party at your house! Gather up fun stickers, tapes, and lots of markers and have everyone decorate a first-day-of-school notebook!


Boo! Happy Halloween! This is the perfect opportunity to have a play date, sooner than Halloween, and wear your costumes! And noo, not just the kids – mama vinas get to dress up, too! Hop online and find your kid’s favorite characters and how to DIY their costume – or help them design an original character all their own!


November is the month of thankfulness and giving. This month’s play date can be used to do some fun Thanksgiving crafts, like a turkey made with your hand! You could even do your own little mini vinas-giving. Potluck, anyone?


Holiday fun! Try a “secret vina” (instead of secret santa) play date, make holiday cookies, decorate a menorah, or get the whole friends and family crew dressed to the nines to celebrate!

The possibilities really are limitless. Use the internet to your advantage. Make a Pinterest account, if you haven’t already, get creative, and start DIYing your way through an amazing year of play dates you and your littles will never forget! 

(Feature image via ShopSweetThings)

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