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People just don’t celebrate community like they used to. What happened to block parties and tree houses? We think it’s possible for community to still come first! Your neighbors’ near proximity makes them instant and viable candidates for new friends. Plus, if you’re moving into a new neighborhood or building then it’s a great opportunity to go looking for a new circle or some close vinas. But how do you start? As per usual, I’ve got a few ideas…


Open your home to your neighbors. Write a little invite and slip it under their door or put it in their mail box. Keep it casual and leave the hours open. If it’s summer and you have a yard then do an all afternoon BBQ. The casual setting creates something less awkward if only one or two people come by at a time. Or, if you’re in an apartment building host a wine night! Nothing gets people talking like a glass of Pinot.

Diverse Neighbors Drinking Party Yard Concept


No, for real. This could be anything from homemade granola to a bottle of wine or a potted plant. It just serves as an ice breaker to stop by and introduce yourself.



Just speak up in the elevator, or in passing as you’re out for a walk. Next time you see that potential vina just wave, walk on over, and then say something. It could be totally awkward but endearing like, hey I just moved here and am looking to meet some amazing new people! or I live just over there and  I’d love to get together if you’ve got time. If you’re new to town, ask for some direction to the best coffee shop or yoga studio.



Often times just running into a neighbor is enough of a reason to make conversation. So literally put yourself out there. Hang out in the front yard and garden, read in the common room of your building, do laundry on site, have a yard sale, go for a walk. Pretty much all of these ideas boil down to the same point. You’ve got to put yourself out there so that when you see an opening, you’re free to introduce your beautiful badass self.

Having a hard time meeting your neighbors? There’s a good chance you’ll meet some of them on Vina! So download the app and get swiping.

(Featured Image via The Huffington Post) 

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