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Mmm beer… isn’t it just the best? Whether you chug, chug, chug a few at the pub or kick back on the couch with a cold one, the beer you drink says more about you than you’d think. Here’s our super scientific low-down of what your favorite beer reveals about you!



You, my porter drinker, are a classy lady. Much like the history of porter beer, you’re a bit mysterious, and kind of hard to figure out. You’re not the loud and rowdy patron, but the low-key, always polite, generous tipper that bartenders love! While you may come off as a wallflower sometimes for being quiet and thoughtful, you are totally comfortable in your skin. You definitely give your group of friends a warm and inviting vibe, which is why every vina needs a friend like you! vinapicloveofbeer


Pilsner enthusiast, you are the bubbly, light-hearted life of the party. You can definitely throw back a few and keep up at a bar crawl. Old-school at heart, you make the best wing woman because you know what’s good for your vinas, and you know a good time! Your energy is bright and contagious, so bartenders love you for just supplying the good vibes!


Aaah the wheat beer drinker. You, my friend are the bad*** that everyone loves. You definitely ain’t gluten-free, and honestly, don’t care if anyone is. You’re just as happy at home chillin’ as you are in a big group at the bar. You’re the easy-going chick that everyone wants to hang with!


Stout fiend, you are the laid-back vina who gives the best advice–which is why all your friends love you. Even though you’re always down for a good time, whether it be dancing or a concert, you’re happiest kickin’ it at chill bar or even better, at home. Much like the flavor of a Stout, your friendship is strong and comforting.

via @hyunny94


IPA lover, you are the cool, confident BFF BVF (best vina forever) that everyone needs. Definitely down for a good time at the bar, you’re the vina to find at the local craft beer spot with a big group of friends, generally in the middle of the conversation. You’re the social butterfly that everyone knows and loves; for real, you’re incredibly likable–perhaps because you know your sh*t and can really hold a great conversation without dominating it. Don’t be surprised if you get caught up in deep convo with your bartender!


Speaking of conversation, sour addict, you love a good, long, profound convo. TBH you may come off as a little bit of a know-it-all, but that’s because you do know it all! At least when it comes to sours, you’re very well-versed in the world of sour beer. But you’re also the vina that just knows all the happenings of the world! You’re the one with all the great recs when it comes to books, music, and style. You are the cultured vina that every group needs. Plus, you’re most likely a foodie, so everybody’s always asking you what hot brunch spots to try!

And there you have it, vinas! Now you know what your favorite beer says about you! Cheers!

Which beer is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below, and make sure to check out Hey! VINA to find your beer squad!

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