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There is something magnetic about watching a woman take the stage. Among my favorite and iconic women like Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, Allison Kraus, and Stevie Nicks, there are many fresh faces that are taking the country and world by storm on big tours, small tours, solo tours this spring. My best advice for you is to find which venues near you regularly host touring musicians- and not just the big ones. Stop by local coffee shops and see if they’re planning any small sets, sit in on open mic night, and show up for some unexpected and often times much needed new music in your life. Listen to the folk anthems below, and try to see some live if you get the chance!


She’s touring in the US this year- sounds like Gillian Welch and takes up the whole room with a voice so lovely it just might bring you to tears while you dance until the sun comes up.


This beauty has a new album, My Piece of Land, out now and is taking to the road with it, in the US,  Sweden, the UK, and back through Canada all before summertime. Catch her while you can.


There’s nothing more bewitching than watching this LA based maven  on stage. She’s got all the charisma of Stevie Nicks with a voice that will put you in a heavenly trance. Fall in love with her folky surf rock and eclectic style.


That’s right- the queen herself is on tour early this year all over the US through April before she goes over seas. As far as bucket list concerts go, this is at the top of my list.


Yes, another legend. My mom used to always play Bonnie Raitt tapes in the living room when I was growing up- there are few things that bring me more joy than the sound of her voice. Get tickets before they’re gone.


Looking to jam out while you chill out? Angel Olsen is great- with a classic undertone mixed with modern messages and beautiful imagery, you are sure to spend an afternoon submerged in your feelings. Give her a listen, and try to make it to a show! But beware- tickets sell out fast!

Round up your vinas and hit the road to see these living lady legends live! Know of other talented women taking the stage this year? Let us know in the comments! 

(Feature image via NPR)

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