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A popular study technique is to find a group of people to meet with every week or two to review material. Take the initiative, and invite your vinas over for a cram sesh. But remember, your study buddy vinas are guests too, so make sure your space is clean, welcoming, and rid of distractions before they arrive. Because, after all, you are there to get down to business!

Disinfect tables and writing utensils.

The easiest way to get sick is sharing a confined area with a group of people. Wipe down your table with some disinfectant prior to your vinas’ arrival. Germs can also be spread between pens, highlighters, and books, so make sure hand sanitizer is near. You can’t ace your test if you have to take a sick day!

Remove distractions.

Have your vinas leave their phones in the room over, and only use your laptop if you must. Outside distractions can prevent you and your study pals from reaching your full processing potential. To drown out unavoidable sounds, try playing soft music, preferably classical, at a low volume.

Buy a large, comfy rug.

It’s hard for everyone to gather and engage without having to play a game of musical chairs beforehand. Instead, try a rug, which can maximize your space, allow you to spread out your study materials, and chat easily. Plus, chairs can eventually get uncomfortable.  Rugs such as this fuzzy beauty will enhance (and liven up) your space without breaking the bank.

Set the mood.

Soft, aromatic scents can ease tension and create a relaxing vibe. Ideally, pick a room with mainly natural lighting. Fluorescent lights are hard on the eyes and can harsh your study mellow. Light a candle, or plug in an oil diffuser, and let the study vibes flow.

What other techniques have you used to set the study scene? Let us know!

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