Motherhood Thrive


It’s super easy to get stranded on Mommy Island and end up feeling completely isolated from the world. Juggling your children, significant other, dinner, errands, chores, and a job (as if tending the homestead isn’t the biggest job ever!) is no easy feat. Mamas need love too, and valuable friendships can be a great source of that! Here are five fabulous vinas every mom needs in her life:


She’s the mom who makes all the other moms look like slackers. She has what seems like a bottomless Mary Poppins bag filled with anything and everything you, your children or any ol’ person on the street could need. She can cook, create, and do anything, plus children love her. If you didn’t know her, you’d envy her. But since she’s your vina, you’re golden!


She’s tapped into the matrix. This mom knows everything and everybody you need to know. She’s got an in on the best schools, camps, activities, pediatricians, sales, and events. If it’s kid-friendly, she’s got you covered. Your days of scrambling to find something fun to do with the kids are over if you have this vina in your crew.


This lady knows how to party. If she’s a mom, she’s got a great sitter on speed dial. She knows all the hot spots and is always ready to roll. If she’s childless, she’s outside waiting to pick you up as soon as you put the kids to bed. When you need a release, she’s there and will help you shed your baby-stained clothes for a little black dress.


She’s in great shape and super motivated to help you look and feel your best. This mom is privy to every fitness trend and has great tips to help you and your family eat well and stay active. She understands the busy mom schedule. She knows all about picky eaters. She’s a great resource for quick workouts, yummy healthy snacks, and is always down to go for a run or try a new class.


This mom has truly been there and done that. She has older children and tons of life experience in general. She can school you on fevers, breastfeeding, pre- and post-pregnancy issues, early/mid/late life crises, diaper rash, nap schedules, thumb sucking, and the list goes on. She’s a great listener and a wealth of valuable knowledge!

Do you need any of these mommies in your vina crew? If you could only pick one – which one would it be?

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