Fun Gift Guide


While there are plenty of ways to show your love and appreciation for your Vinas, one go-to way is a little classic gift-giving. Everyone loves to open something sweet, especially when it’s well chosen for her one-of-a-kind personality. So, this is our Galentine’s Day gift round up for all those artsy babes in your life. You know, the one who likes to collage and draw and seems to always be making something new. Whatever her crafty taste and whatever your gifting style might be we’ve got the artsy gift for your fave vina.

Get one of her prints printed, for only twenty dollars. It’s done in two-tone black and white ink on paper with a printer generally used by engineers for architectural work. They’ve got this minimalist feel with a large scale effect, and make a great gift.


52 week journal for all those projects in life. Those artsy creative vinas are often so overflowing with amazing ideas that it’s hard to keep track of the to-do’s. This is the perfect place for her to keep tabs on that creative lifestyle.


Gel Pens. Remember these from Junior High? Well they’re just as amazing as ever and light up everything from her afternoon coloring, to her work to-do list, to her next great master piece.


Brighten up her living room with this rainbow wall hang from Urban Outfitters that is as colorful as she is. The room she creates in should be set for magic, and this fun little piece will get all the artsy vibes flowing.


Doodle Crate is a monthly box subscription for arts and crafts where every month you get a re-up on your crafternooning. They send you all the materials, an inspiration sheet, a video tutorial, and instructions. The two of you can enjoy this together every month!!


Coloring books have been all there rage in last year or so, they help chill you out and channel your creative side. Of all the wonderful ones that are on the market, this Vogue one is one of our favorites. Vintage Vogue layouts and covers that you can color in and gather inspiration while you do it.


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  1. Nice post about gifts. I like it.You seem to have a good understanding of it.I appreciate how beautifully it has been drafted for us to understand. Thank you.


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