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So you’ve taken a new job in a new city, or you’re headed off to college in a town the next state over. Congrats! But you’ve left your favorite hairstylist behind, and you’re in desperate need of a touch-up. What to do?

Here are a few ideas:


The Yelp and Foursquare apps are a great source of reviews. Search for what you’re looking for, read through reviews, and walk into that hair salon having seen photos and reviews from past customers.


Search Facebook Groups for community-focused groups in your area. With names like “Word of Mouth” “Rants Raves & Reviews” “Community Awareness” and so on, many communities have set up groups like these for residents to talk about businesses they recommend (or don’t recommend!) in their area.


If you see a gal in the grocery store with a great haircut or mani, ask her where she got it done! It’s a compliment to a stranger, as well as a great way to break the ice and let her know you’re new to town and looking for recommendations. If you hit it off, ask her to coffee! You could end up with a new friend.


Be sure to update your VINA app to your new location. Say “Hey!” to new ladies in your area, and when you get a match, let them know you’re looking for recommendations for a gym or salon. Ask if they’d like to tag along and make a vina date out of it! And voila, you have a great new salon and a new friend.

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