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Asking others for help is something many of us could use a little help with, ironic right? Many people, myself included, struggle with it because we don’t want to show weakness. We put so much pressure on ourselves that having to stop and say, Um I can’t do this by myself or Can you explain this to me, makes many of us feel inferior.

vinagifhelp.gifI know I personally experience this everyday. From having questions at work and being too nervous to ask for direction, to wanting to try out gym equipment while trying not to look like a newbie. It’s a matter of admitting to yourself that you can’t do everything on your own.

Our lives are made up of highs and lows and we constantly find ourselves trying to compensate during those times, but sometimes you need guidance. Maybe you find yourself struggling in class or at work but get nervous anytime you think of asking your supervisor or teacher for assistance. Or you may be looking to revamp your lifestyle, and want to improve at a sport or artistic medium. Occasionally you will face some of the tougher situations in life like a loved one or even yourself struggling with addiction or some other harmful behavior. Life is full of challenges that are often beyond our ability to conquer alone.

You must keep in mind that perfection does NOT exist. Even though we strive for it daily, ultimately we are chasing the impossible. Everyone at any given point in time is bound to need some help, but that’s what your mentors are there for. Teachers, coaches, supervisors, friends and family should all want you to succeed. If someone in your life doesn’t want to see you better yourself and does not offer you the help and support you request, then they are the problem– not you.

You can only hope to grow as a person if you are open enough to admit when you need help. Although, it is a work in progress getting over that roadblock, don’t worry, because I and many others will be taking the journey with you.

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