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I know no one needs to be told this, but Beyoncé is freakin incredible. Ngl, I was totally a hater until last year, convincing myself and my friends I was just more of a Solange girl than a Queen B girl. But no more! First, I refuse to compare and pit two amazing women against each other, and second, Beyoncé truly deserves all the credit she gets. (As does Solange…but that’s for another blog post).

So let’s talk about Wednesday. She did what Beyoncé does best: Simultaneously making our jaws drop and our brains do an extra little bit of work. She makes us think.

The styling of the photos, the inclusion of beautiful poems by Warsan Shire (who previously collaborated with Bey on Lemonade), and the timing of the whole thing are particularly powerful. On the first day of Black History Month, a strong, black woman celebrates her blackness, her family, and her fellow woman artists. The inclusion of Shire’s poetry is especially poignant if you consider her background.

Overall, we’re once again impressed and humbled by Bey’s show of empowerment. May she be an inspiration to us all! Especially now.

(All photos via Beyoncé, duh)

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