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I recently discovered what the meaning behind hygge is all about, both mentally and physically. It’s something we can all relate to, and perhaps, many of us are already doing hygge, and not even realizing it!

What I have come to learn about this beautiful tradition is that hygge is simply a way of life for the Danish. Its all about comfort, food, lit candles, coziness, and celebrating the simple pleasures in life that we sometimes take for granted.

To my surprise, I often find myself “hygge-ing!”(Did I just make up that word, or is there such a thing?! Anyway, if not, I’m just going to go with it).

I enjoy cooking a beautiful dinner from scratch, or, if I’m super busy and just got home from work then I can still create something amazing even if it’s pre-made. It’s all about the love and details that go into the super and how its presented.

For instance, last night, I got home an hour earlier than my boyfriend did and I decided that I wanted to put a log into the fire, set the mood with lit candles, have a beautiful meal cooking (I thought the aroma from the food would make him happy, which it did!), and put on a Christmas movie to watch.

It turned out to be an amazing night! My boyfriend thought it was Friday, which I found to be kind of funny, but it made me rethink things.

It helped me to realize that when we have a busy day at work and maybe have dealt with not-so-nice-people, your home becomes a safe haven. It comforts you and lets you know that you’re safe from the outside world. Cheers to “hygge-ing!”

Have you tried hygge? Let us know in the comments below, and talk hygge with other vines on the  Hey! Vina app.

(Feature image via @chrissiealiice)

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