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The Lunar New Year was yesterday, January 28th. We’re suggesting this as the actual date to start your resolutions. It’s a fact (I read it somewhere on The Guardian) that nearly 50% of those who make New Year resolutions fail at them within a month. This is basically science.

So, our working theory here is make the resolution, give yourself time and grace to totally fail, and then start for real on the Lunar New Year. You are instantly setting yourself up for more real and reasonable success!

Now, when it comes to resolutions we prefer to consider it goal setting, because that sounds more forgiving. It’s unreasonable to give up sweets forever, rather consider cutting back. Make one day of the week an off limited to sweets day. Then every month add a new day to this program. By August you will have given them up in way that will actually stick with you.


If you want to work out more, do the same: plan on attending one yoga class a week, and the next month bump it up to two or three. If you want to write a novel, don’t say “I’ll write a book in three months.” Instead plan on writing 3-5 pages a day. Hell, start with one page a day! Start small and increase as you go. This both gives you reasonable goals that won’t discourage you and helps you track your progress as you go.

There is no such thing as failing until you give up altogether. If you hit a speed bump and binge out on a sleeve of Oreos, skip ten Pilates classes in a row, accidently drunk text your ex, or let your car turn into a landfill, don’t worry because tomorrow is a new day. If you get back on the wagon within the same calendar year it still totally counts! 😉

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