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I’ve agonized over this introduction for so long that I’ve surprised myself, given how much advice I have ready. Bear with me! Our 20’s are a time of endings (bye, university!), new beginnings (hello, career!) and other exciting new experiences. I can only share what worked for me and what I wished someone had told me when I was in my 20’s. Vinas deserve the best, so here goes!


The biggest beauty, and let’s be honest, life lesson I learned in my 20’s is that a smoky eye just doesn’t look good on me. It was a revelation once I started exploring different techniques and landed on cat eye, which is waaaaaay more flattering. Maybe smoky eye looks amazing on you (I’m so jealous) but the lesson is still applicable. For some women it might be high-waisted jeans, or strapless dresses that represent a personal style Everest. Stop trying to make It (and fetch) happen. Put your time and energy into discovering what flatters you the most and makes you feel your greatest.


Our early 20’s are a time to transition into more of an ‘adult’ wardrobe and make clothing mistakes that will be a hilarious follow up to our teen years. Once you’ve got a better idea of your unique style (that came around age 28 for me personally), then it’s okay to start looking at investment pieces. Hint: pay attention to the items you reach for each morning when you get dressed and invest in high-quality replacements that will last you a lifetime.

I’m still kicking myself for money spent on items that weren’t right for my style (but I didn’t know it yet) or that didn’t entirely suit my needs. In my attempt at a blazer, I somehow ended up with three not-quite-right blazers. After screaming internally, I vowed never be so stupid again. Once I finally bit the bullet and invested in the J Crew blazer that was exactly what I wanted, I haven’t looked back. I’ve worn it so often; the cost per wear is probably a few pennies by now. When you know you’ll wear something to death, invest in the best one you can afford.


John Goodman explains it perfectly (so give that a look), but it’s even more crucial for young women. Our 20’s are meant for exploring and trying new things, some of which you’re bound to dislike (and there’s nothing wrong with that). This is where the f*** you money comes in handy! Don’t like your relationship and want to move out? You’ve got cash to do it. Are you about to snap at the creepy coworker who always stares at your chest? You’ve got cash to keep you afloat when you decide you need to find a new job.

In our 20’s we feel invincible, like we have a lifetime to earn and save money, so we buy the going-out top we don’t need or unnecessary Starbucks lattes 3 days in a row. As an early 30’s woman, my cash reserve saved me on several major occasions during my 20’s. Do anything you can to save extra money – live at home a few months longer, babysit, garden, blog, dog walk. Hopefully you’ll take all the money saved from my clothing advice above and put it aside! I promise you’ll be very thankful that you didn’t mortgage your future for another pair of jeans.

do you.gifDO. YOU.

This lesson is probably the most valuable to an old Millennial like me, because I’m used to seeing curated snippets of people’s lives through Instagram filters. It’s very easy to make it appear that life is great in a photo online, so it’s equally important to keep that in mind. Who cares if ‘only’ 4 people liked your most recent Instagram photo or your coworker doesn’t like your haircut? It won’t matter a year from now and it’ll only drive you crazy. In our 20’s we care way too much what other people think of us, and letting that go would have saved everyone a ton of unnecessary stress and worry.

 Go forth, be safe, make a whole new set of mistakes and have fun! With your vinas by your side, you’ll always have a partner in crime.

I can’t wait to hear your pearls of wisdom! Leave them in the comments below!

(Feature image via Vogue)

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