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Okay vinas, it’s that time of the year again!  It’s time that we get in tune with the music of 2017 and find our anthem for the new year.  While 2016 was one for the books in music, this year will blow it out of the water.  Here are five to die for albums to be obsessed with in 2017.


The title of this album says it all.  Her sweet voice, sexy tones, and savage lyrics are going to make this one of the hottest albums of the year.  Originally from America’s Got Talent, this tattooed vina released her single “Gangsta” on the Suicide Squad soundtrack and gave us a dose of what she’ll be dishing out this upcoming year.  The song “CRZY” from her new album kicks off with the line, “Everything I do, I do it with a passion,” and we couldn’t agree more.  Kehlani is starting the new year off with a bang and an album that has an infectious confidence for vinas everywhere.


While this album was released in late 2016, Phantogram is just getting started on rocking our new year.  Front woman Sarah Barthel constantly blows us out of the water with her killer style and unique music with a dream pop flare.  Not only does Sarah create hits, but she’s a known Miley Cyrus bestie that works one on one with The Happy Hippie foundation all while currently touring.  Talk about one dedicated vina!  Phantogram is not new to the music game but this album is definitely putting them on the map of artists to watch out for this upcoming year.  I see big things happening for this electro rock band.


Did somebody say party!?  Next we are dying to hear Charli XCX with her currently untitled album releasing mid 2017.  This 24-year-old British pop singer has been living it up all while shedding some serious girl power realness.  This vina is all about having a good time and so is her powerful pop music. Her 2014 album “Sucker” was at the top of my party playlist and gave off some good time vibes.  While Charli has been keeping this album under wraps we’re sure she is “doing it right” by the release of the first album single “The Afterparty” with rapper Lil Yachty.


When you’re winding down from Charli’s album you can pop in The XX’s album “I See You” coming out this January.  While this band is not solely female based, it is female fronted and gives us some major indie vibes.  Guitarist and singer, Romy Croft has a strong yet soothing voice that makes The XX like no other band you’ve heard.  Whether you’re working on a new project, hanging out with other vinas or enjoying some wine and relaxing, this album will be an awesome go to addition to any playlist.


Last on our list is the one and only, Solange.  When Beyonce is your sister and you drop an album that shines as much as “A Seat At The Table” does: Major #ladybrag!  This vina is showing us what an empowered, independent woman is all about.  “A Seat At The Table” is just the beginning of what Solange will be bringing to 2017.  This album is just getting started with powerful lyrics full of  honesty and emotion making this an absolute must for Vinas everywhere. Solange will be joining a world tour while releasing new content throughout 2017 and we absolutely can not wait to see what this album will bring!

Records (1).jpgWhile artists like Drake, Bruno Mars, and The Chainsmokers had us swooning over 2016 it’s time for fresh music and a new start to the year with some women artists to obsess over.  Here’s to making 2017 the year of the vina! Cheers!

What albums are you looking forward to blasting this year? Tell us below!


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