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Ahh, the bullet journal. You might have seen some buzz about it on Twitter, Pinterest, and maybe even Instagram, but if you’re like me, you’ve probably just been confused about what it does and why everyone has something to say about it.

Every year, I convince myself I’m going to be more organized and get my life together, so every year, I end up buying a new, “cuter” planner that’s somehow going to magically turn me into one of those super-organized, put-together, most-definitely-in-charge-of-my-life types of people. Shockingly, it never works. So when I decided on New Year’s Day, to start using the infamous bullet journal, let’s just say I had low expectations.

From what I’ve come to understand, the idea behind a bullet journal is that it’s a place for all of your lists, to-dos, and schedules in one convenient place. It’s fully customizable, unlike store bought planners, and the starting cost is relatively affordable – you can use really any journal, even one from the dollar store (hey – no shame)!

Day one, I was feeling apprehensive. Although I’m a writer, blank pages intimidate me. There was so much possibility that I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Instead of trying to follow the exact science of the bullet journal, I decided to throw caution to the wind. A week later, I was loving every part of my somewhat chaotic little journal.

As much as I might try to be, I am not an everything-has-its-place kind of girl, and I needed a planner that would be okay with that. 20 days into the new year, that has been what the bullet journal has done for me. I’ve been able to be as creative as I want; I can glue in pictures, doodle in the margins, write out my favorite quotes, and brainstorm ideas – all in one place. The best part? Each week I can try something new, by just turning the page. And in a year or two, when I’ve filled all the pages, I’ll be able to look back at all of the memories and doodles as a keepsake.

It doesn’t matter if you’re organized, messy, creative, or analytical, the bullet journal lets you figure out what system works best for you, and gives you space to do it. The original bullet journal guidelines come in handy, but in the end, they’re just that – guidelines.

If you’re craving something new to get you motivated this new year and you’ve got an empty journal lying around, search through some YouTube videos for inspiration, and give it a try. Maybe you’ll end up like me, wondering just how you were functioning without it.


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