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You know the sort of person who instantly commands a room upon their arrival, seems to control the tides and the changes of the wind, the kind of person who could get a job even though they aren’t necessarily qualified but have that assurance about them you simply cannot name. That sort of person already knows what I am about to tell you: eye contact is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Eye contact makes you charming, and this isn’t just a good skill when it comes to flirting. It’s a good skill when it comes to anything. People naturally are drawn to and subconsciously like those who are charming. The very act of being charming, the word itself, suggests a magical kind of spell over another.

It works because your eye contact makes them feel both validated and recognized, important and understood. Eye contact is deeply rooted in us, one of the first things we register as infants, and controls a subconscious scale of how we judge other people character. Eye contact also makes you and your words more memorable, your points more convincing. It makes you more attractive and more self-aware. All of this leads to a magnetic energy that attracts people to you in any scenario.ma7vylq_9ao-matthew-kane

Did you know the humans are the only primates with whites in their eyes?

Of course there are some things to keep in mind, mostly don’t be a weirdo and read social cues. In times of grief or mourning, for example, it’s customary to hold eye contact only briefly. In small spaces like elevators people often get uncomfortable with eye contact. There are times when too much eye contact, not blinking, and staring someone down across the bar will make you look a little cray. Just be in tune with the room, know that eye contact is your best friend and employ it with confidence and awareness.

(Some fact gathering was found on: Forbes. Feature image via @thehautepursuit)

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