Hey!! I’m super excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Brit + Co to bring you exclusive freebies and new friends in our✂️ DIY Enthusiasts Community on Hey! VINA.

Brit + Co is the coolest place on the web for creative women to get inspired to do fun crafts, read fab content, and take amazing classes that help you become even more awesome than you already are.

Here’s the best news – We’ll be giving every vina who joins the ✂️ DIY Community a free Brit + Co. class! So, you can swipe to meet a creative friend like you, and then get together and learn something new. 💁💁
Girl_Gang_Neon_Sign_121.jpgHere’s how to meet other DIYers and get your free class:

  1. 📲  Open up Hey! VINA and make sure you’re on the latest version!
  2. Join the ✂️ DIY Enthusiasts Community by tapping the menu on the top bar
  3. 💌 Check that your email address is up to date so we can send you the class (Tip: It’s in your “Account Settings”)

Brit + Co will be emailing you the free class promo code if you join the community and swipe right on a vina within the next 2 weeks!

Can’t wait to get crafty!!

💖 Olivia

P.S. These super cute images are all from Brit + Co!


  1. This sounds great, but not nearly as easy as it sounds, at least not on my app: In terms of “Join the ✂️ DIY Enthusiasts Community by tapping the menu on the top bar.” This is very vague. So hit the menu and then go to where? There is “Vina News, Thrive, Explore, Connect and Psych”…and there is a search bar. None of these point to how to join the community. None of the buttons at the bottom menu seem to lead to it either. It would be nice, but maybe it’s beyond my technical knowledge. 😦


    1. Hey Jenn!! Sorry for the confusing experience here. When you’re in the app, on the profile swiping page (AKA the card deck), there is a little triangle next to “VINA”. That will open up a drop-down menu full of all of the Communities you can join! You can join a Community by tapping it, and it will be added to “MY COMMUNITIES”. If you want to swipe inside of a Community, just tap again and the app will bring you back to profile card deck! Hope this helps!


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