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Spending time alone can be great, but sometimes it is nice to still be surrounded by other people. Here are eight great ways to do that!

  1. One of the best ways to do this is to go to a café. That way you can be in the company of others while also enjoying a hot drink or yummy snack sitting solo.


  1. Go to a local, free, museum. This means that you can learn interesting facts while doing something collectively, and all without spending a penny.
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  1. Going to the library is also a good way of spending some QT with yourself, but also not being completely alone. And who knows, you may find a new vina who shares your favourite book!


  1. Going to a gym or doing another sporting activity can be a good way clear your head.
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  1. Another good way of clearing your head is to go for a walk in a park or a local green space, take time to acknowledge nature and observe the people around you.


  1. See if there’s a local event happening soon, such as a fireworks display or a festival of some kind as these can be really fun and you may meet people who share similar interests to you!


  1. Going to the cinema, or (if you’re feeling fancy) the theatre or the ballet, can be a lovely way to experience something beautiful and it will give you good talking points if you want to speak to someone during the interval or after the film.

Where do you go to clear your head? Tell us in the comments!

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