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“Do you actually think being in a sorority will help you in the real world?”

This question is probably a one that many Greeks are familiar with. I know I heard it when I was first informing people of my desire to pledge. Not knowing what I could really get out of it, I still wanted to give it a try.

Bottom line is, I didn’t know then what I know now, and what I know now is that sorority life taught me SO MUCH:


Being able to juggle school, family, friends, a love-life, personal time, and Greek life was a lot to say the least. It was the most I’ve ever had to keep up with at a single time. I learned to cope with it though because I had an active duty to adhere to. People were counting on me and I couldn’t push my responsibilities aside, I just had to learn how to prioritize them.


School weighed me down with a full schedule and of course it was my number one focus. However my “free time” was usually taken up with sorority functions. It gave me a real look into deadlines outside of the classroom. There were meetings to set up, rush events to coordinate, mixers to host, and school activities to attend. I was constantly planning things or on the go doing them, so learning how to stay punctual was essential.


Now this one might not be completely hard to guess but I think it’s definitely worth the mention because with Greek life you truly get out of it what you put into it! Sorority life isn’t all about the mixers and rush events. There is so much happening behind the scenes that isn’t always fun, so being able to push through even the toughest moments and keep your head in the game is of the utmost importance.


Due to the fact that you will most likely find yourself severely stressed at some point because of your house, learning composure is a must. People have meltdowns and if your constantly surrounded by the same people all the time chances are you are going to see a bad side to someone at least once. It’s important to be able to try and handle situations as calmly and maturely as possible. You might want to go all Bad Girls Club on your sisters at some point, but being in a sorority teaches you to keep your cool.


Obviously, one of the most rewarding lessons one learns in Greek life is the importance of sisterhood. You may not become besties with every girl in your sorority, but a select few will become your closest, most special friends. Being in a sorority teaches you to prioritize these relationships, stand up for each other, and most of all, learn how to find YOUR people. And not to sound cheesy, but that’s the greatest gift of all!

So the next time someone asks you how being in a sorority is going to benefit you when facing adulthood, remember these things! Good luck out there vinas!

(Feature image via @ubcthetas)


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