I was convinced by my coworkers to start a weekly Bachelor re-cap for all you lovely vinas and well… here it is! If you missed last week’s defense of the series, you should read that here first!

I don’t have cable so I persuaded by dad and his girlfriend to have me over for the evening in exchange for my dazzling company Bachelor commentary. This week’s episode was a doosy, and they both had a lot to say. Including my dad exclaiming, “She’s cray cray! One cray for each crazy eye!” after Liz told Christin she had slept with Nick.



I feel compelled to defend this girl because I’m sick and tired of strong, assertive, and sexual women being demonized by other women!! The majority of the hate coming from the other girls towards Corinne had everything to do with her using her sexuality to get what she wants and very little to do with her actual personality. While I’m not sure Corinne is someone I’d be friends with IRL, I admire her tenacity and IDGAF attitude. We should all be a little more Corinne and demand the time we want from the people we want it from!


This may not seem like a big deal, but I’m freaking out that Danielle wore pants on her one on one date with Nick. The women sometimes look so uncomfortable in the crazy gowns they have to wear to those dinner dates and I know there’s a stylist that picked out her outfit, but I think it’s pretty cool they chose a jumpsuit instead of a gown. She looked cute AND comfortable!


I’m not talking about romantic love, but there was a ton of girls supporting each other last night! After all the hate directed towards Corinne, I was feeling sad for all of the contestants. I know they’re all competing against each other, but I was bummed at the amount of girl on girl hate going around. But everything started to look up after that! A lot of the women towards the end seemed supportive of each other and also the best quote of the night happened (this is Lacey talking about Danielle):

“I’m so glad Danielle got the one on one date because she’s SO nice. I didn’t even know girls could be that nice!”

Awwwww! More of that please, Bachelor.

Tune in for more of my Very Important thoughts on The Bachelor next week! And tweet me your thoughts at @ilikevina!!

(Feature image via @justjared)

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