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The Bachelor (Season 21) Monday January 2, 2017 ABC 8pm

The slogan for this season’s bachelor contestant, Nick Viall, has been fourth time’s the charm. Will he finally find love and will that love last or is this show just a curse for him in the love department? We will all find out Nick Viall’s journey this new year.

New Girl (Second half of Season 6) Tuesday January 3 on FOX 8pm

I’m still holding onto hope for Jess and Nick to get back together. The gang in 4D is still quirky and funny as ever as their shenanigans continue.

Bones (Season 12 Series Finale Season) Tuesday January 3 on FOX 9pm

The final season returns with just 12 remaining episodes. We will finally learn the fate of Dr. Brennan and the returning character of Zack Addy.

Grey’s Anatomy (Second half of Season 13) Thursday January 19 on ABC 8pm

The drama seizes to end at Grey Sloan Memorial. We continue to follow the surgical residents, attendings, and fellows as they fight for patient’s cases, fight for promotions, and some fighting for their lives.

How to Get Away with Murder (Second half of Season 3) Thursday January 19 on ABC 10pm

Uh, so what happens now that one of the main characters is now gone?!? This show is always full of surprises and leaves us hanging and guessing.

Quantico (Second half of Season 2) Monday January 23 on ABC 10pm

What are the fate of Alex and the rest of the CIA gang after she finds out Ryan is part of the CLF (Citizen’s Liberation Front)? What will happen to the rest of the hostages?

Suits (Second half of Season 6) Wednesday January 25 on USA 10pm

Will Harvey and Donna finally be a couple in the next season? Does Jessica go to Chicago and leave her firm? Do Mike and Rachel get married? All these questions and hopefully answers in the upcoming season!

The Walking Dead (Second half of Season 7) Sunday February 12 on AMC 9pm

In the first half of the season we are shown a few shock-riveting deaths. The end of the previous season may have seemed happy, but for all The Walking Dead fans out there, we all know that happiness is short-lived.

Pretty Little Liars (Season 7B Series Finale Season) Tuesday April 18 on Freeform 8pm

I will not know what to watch after this series ends…For 7 years we’ve watched these girls get tortured, pranked, spooked, and we were right there with them. They’ve loved and they’ve lost, and so did we. This Spring we’ll say goodbye to the beloved cast of PLL, A, Uber A, and Rosewood, but can’t wait to see what the actors/actresses are in store for in the future.

What shows are you looking forward to watching again or that you just can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 comment on “TV SHOWS WE’LL ALL BE BINGING IN 2017

  1. Kirsten Campbell

    I’m really liking Taboo with Tom Hardy but it’s not quite binge-able yet!


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