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I first really fell in love with partner yoga via Instagram, because at first glance it seemed impossible to me but then the more I looked I could find all sorts of little videos of besties twirling each other upside down in parks and beaches and looking like they were straight out of Cirque Du Soleil.

Despite the appearance of acrobatics, basic partner yoga is still pretty basic. I recommend going to a class where they can at least teach you the fundamentals of basing and flying so that no one injures themselves. If you can’t find one near you then get on YouTube and watch some videos before getting started because the tricks have to do with really subtle foot placements and movements. Also, make sure you practice on a soft surface, the beach is best, a park is good too, or surround yourselves with pillows and make sure you’re at least on carpet. Trust me, you will fall on your face and probably hers too.

pit-stops for #acroYOGA are a must | 💙 #roadtripping

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But, the real reason we love partner yoga isn’t just because it’s a lot of fun, but because it relies heavily on and cultivates communication, clarity, and trust. You have to breathe together, you have to use eye contact, you have to read and understand each other’s bodies, adjust every moment, and constantly maintain an awareness that few other activates require of you.

Strong women lift each other up, @destinyyard an everyday inspiration✨

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Plus, it’s a really great work out and we’re just throwing that in as a bonus. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize until you’re done that your abs and thighs are totally on fire!


I am multi-genre writer specializing in travel, ad-copy, and nonfiction prose. A recent graduate with my MFA I am spending my new found time rambling around the world, practicing yoga, and searching for the best salad ever.


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