Connect Date Ideas London


Vina? Check. Date? Check. Location? Well.. it’s difficult to find a place which isn’t too busy to spot a person who you only know one picture of. Luckily, London offers some great places to get to know each other! Check out our ideas below!


Forget Starbucks! You don’t know what real coffee tastes like until you’ve had some caffeine from Monmouth. More the hot chocolate kinda type? Go to Dark Sugars. Brick Lane. Right. Now. No dry chocolate powder, just that awesomeness of chocolate, mixed with some fluffy hot milk, covered with proper chocolate shavings. It’s £5.50 but trust me: If you could only have one drink for the rest of your life, you’d SO make it this hot chocolate!


For a good amount of food, for a small amount of money, check out Silvia’s Corner near Limehouse Station. If you need a quick hangover fix, get the Breakfast Feast. Heading to gym after? Bikini-Friendly and Skinny Jeans are all you need.


If you have some money to spare, head to one of the restaurants with those theatre deals. I’ve never been, so can’t make first hand recommendations. But I tell you, those meals look delicious next to the people all dressed up for the theatre.

If you’re skint, then that’s no problem. There are some places in London where you can have a delicious meal for under a tenner. For Pizza, head to Franco Manca. It’s by all means the best pizza in London. I strongly recommend #4 on the menu. Something more healthy? Pho is always a good choice.


In London, some might be bored of the number of bars which are hidden behind bookshelves. However, if you can’t get enough of them, walk into Milroy’s Whiskey Shop and head straight to the bookshelf at the back. Press the magic button to open sesame! You’ll be amazed by the great cocktails you’ll find downstairs. It can be busy sometimes, so I’d recommend to book a table (pun intended).


There’s nothing more beautiful in London than the sights along the Thames. Meet your vina at Tower Bridge, pass the City Hall and grab a snack at Borough Market. Pay attention to the chewing gum art on Millenium Bridge. Admire the beauty of St. Paul’s and listen to the street artists. Head over to Tate Modern’s 10th floor and spot the London Eye where you’re about to head next. Pretend to be a tourist and speak a foreign language when heading to Big Ben and end the walk at Westminster. Congrats! You’ve just seen all major sights in about 3 hours. And the best part: It’s all for free. Hint: Take an umbrella, London likes to rain on you.


London has some of the most beautiful museums – all for free. The British Museum, National History Museum, a former power station, now know as Tate Modern, and many more. Put on that sophisticated hat and check out some of the world’s most stunning artwork from Picasso, Gogh and Dali – for free.


You can really get to know your vina during an Afternoon Tea. Find out if she is caring (she’ll suggest to half all the cakes so both of you can try all of them). See how organised she is (she’ll order the tea to be topped up before she even noticed that she drank it all). And see if you click: Afternoon tea can take up a couple of hours. So it’s a great time to get to know each other!

What are your fave London vina date spots? Tell us in the comments! And check out more of our vina date ideas here!

(Featured image via @rosielondoner)

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