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I’m particularly thinking of you dorm dwellers here, but this also extends to those in other colorful living situations. The very existence of dorms defies all logic and both of you should get a golden medal for surviving this portion of your life, because there will never be another time like it. I mean if you really think about it, you and a total stranger have been drawn into living in a room together in which you not only share the space but ultimately your lives. If you’re lucky, you become friends, sometimes the best ever, and other times it’s more like diplomatic arrangement. Either way, after break, you can save both of you some awkwardness by just reengaging in whatever kind of relationship you might have. And of course, we’ve got a few ideas…

Eat together. Because eating brings literally everyone together.

Come back bearing gifts. Even if it’s a homemade plate of cookies from your mother, come back with something to share.


Make a point to talk, really talk. Ask her about home and what happened, and what it was like for her to go back there. Be a really good listener.

Go new semester book shopping together. The bookstore on campus is always like a battle field. Get some coffee and navigate it together.

Binge watch TV in your room together. There is no better way to cap off winter break than binge watching one of your fave shows together, popcorn and all.

Redecorate your dorm room together. Some new flare and good vibes could set you both on a proper path for the new semester.

How ever you reengage, just do it, even if it feels like an awkward bridge to ferry. Your entire spring semester will be better because of it. And, if you’ve got more ideas we would seriously love to hear them, comment below on how you and your roomie reboot after winter break!!


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