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Often times, wine or alcohol in general can be the common denominator amongst friends, especially when meeting after work. Meeting a vina or two for a glass of wine at happy hour can be fun, but not all of us drink. What if your new vina doesn’t partake in adult grapes? What if you’re not in the mood for the bar/lounge scene? What if you’re doing Dry January? It’s okay, you can have fun without the booze. I’m serious, you can!  Here’s a few ideas….

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Shopping is typically high on the things-vinas-like-to-do list. You can shop for anything from shoes, lingerie, clothing, accessories, makeup, just-because gifts, etc… Don’t think about breaking the bank. Think about picking up a little something amazing while spending some QT time with your vina. Cue adorable shopping montage here.

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Try a cool dance or fitness class! Dancing or working out is a great way to relieve some stress, burn some calories, and hang with your vina. Try a new class or visit an old favorite! You can go mellow with yoga, spice it up with belly dancing, salsa, or Pilates, or go hard with ballet barre, bootcamp fitness, or HIIT classes. Don’t forget the post-workout smoothie!

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Spa anyone? An after-work massage or spa treatment is the perfect way to wind down. Plan ahead and take advantage of a spa promotion in your area! Try to find something you and your vina can do together.

Have any non-vino ideas for a vina meet up? What do you like to do with your vina?







  1. You can invite your vina for cooking together or baking. You can try a new international recipe or bake some French pastry. It does not involve alcohol and you can save some money by eating home instead of at a reatairant. It will be way healtier than eating out. Plus you can learn a lot about your vina while making something together.

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