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Winter break is a magical island of time. When you’re in school you’re so busy working and studying and having fun that you often fail to realize that you’re in system that graciously designates down time. You’ve had it since elementary school. Winter break is the holy grail of breaks, wedged between semesters and filled with the years greatest food, travels, and holidays. It’s special. So assuming you’ve done all the holiday madness, you’ve eaten your fair share of sugar cookies, and you’re nearing the date on your plane ticket where you will be whisked away back to college and dorm life… here is what you should do to make the most of it before you go.

Spend some QT with the ‘rents. We know it’s fun to see all your high school friends and everyone is leaving and it’s crazy to be back together, but spend a night with your parents before you go. There is a weird thing that happens around college time where you will actually start to notice your parents aging. Take advantage of being home, because after graduation you might not be able to visit as much!

Read a book for pleasure. Reading might be the last thing you want to do, but it’s important to keep those pleasure synapses firing and remember there was once something other than text books that you poured over.
Make a Target run (preferably with mom) and stock up on everything you need from new shower flip flops to a life time supply of Vitamin C.

Continue to avoid your high school ex (obvi).

Eat your favorite home cooked meal. Ask your parents to make you whatever you loved growing up. It might be another few months before you’re back and you should savor the good food while you can.

Plan something special with your vinas before you all scatter again. The holidays can be a crazy time and there are a million things to do during winter break. Organize something low-key with a few day notice so everyone can attend (preferably in your parent’s basement with all the snacks you used to buy for sleepovers).

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Spend a day alone. We often forget how special alone time it. College, for better or worse, offers you almost none and family time can be much of the same. So, even if it means locking yourself in your childhood bedroom, wandering around the neighborhood, or holing up in your old coffee shop, get some alone time while you still can.

Start a personal project. Even if you only sketch out the idea in a notes app on your phone, having some personal endeavors that extend from, or are on the side of school, helps you grow as a human. Make a goal to visit the project at least once a week when you go back to school, even for only ten minutes on the weekend. You are more than the degree you are seeking, repeat that out loud three times.

How ever you decide to spend your last precious days of winter break, know this: you’ve earned a break and you should enjoy it!! Spring semester is right around the corner and it’s about to show you who is boss. Best of luck, my babes.

(Featured image via @ellenbhansen)

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