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It’s time to turn over a new leaf as this crazy year known as 2016 comes to a close. We’re all going to inevitably make resolutions to better our well-being, move forward in our careers, and live out our biggest dreams.

However, there’s always room for improving our friendships too. If being a better friend is at the top of your must-do’s for 2017, here are five resolutions you can make.


In the age of modern technology and social media, it’s oh-so-simple to text/tweet/Snapchat your friends and write on their Facebook walls. But there’s nothing wrong with taking it old-school and calling them once in a while. There’s something special about hearing someone’s voice that no emoji or acronym can ever convey. Plus, you can pick up on verbal cues (how many times do you wish there was a sarcasm font?). Even more, inventions like FaceTime and Skype have now made it possible to connect with anyone in the world face-to-face in real-time. Though taking the time to call people takes a little more effort than messaging, the emotional connection is worth it.


We get it, life happens. It can be really tough for you and your vinas to juggle your careers, education, your families, your relationships, your home lives, your health and  your own well-being along with each other. Sometimes you may only be able to get together for scheduled social events like birthday parties or concerts, but try to see if you are able to get together for a little more than the usual. Decide on a frequency to hang out with a friend (2-3 times a week? Once a week? Every other week? Your call!) and stick with it. Do a coffee date, hang at a happy hour, go out for weekend brunch, whatever your heart desires. A regular hangout gives you and your vinas something to look forward to all year-round.


A new year opens doors for new adventures, and new adventures are even better with your vinas! Find something new you’d like to try and invite a friend or two (or a few!) along for the ride. Some adventurous suggestions include working with new art mediums for DIY projects, outdoor activities like white water rafting, archery, and horseback riding, offbeat fitness classes like pole dancing and aerial silks, and wellness activities like meditation and float therapy.

Learning and doing new things helps people grow. Plus, if you and your vina find something you both love, it can become something you can do together on a regular basis.


Live like one of your vinas for a day or more.

If they’re a parent, offer to babysit their little one. If your vina is active in their community, volunteer with them. If they take pilates every week, hit up a class with them. If they have a favorite TV show they watch religiously, check it out. Of course, we wouldn’t want you to do anything that compromises your personal beliefs or morals. However, learning more about your vinas’ lifestyles and interests first-hand can bring you closer together.


Listening is key to any relationship ,and it takes work. It’s easy to bring the gift of gab, but when the other person is talking, we need to focus our attention on them. Make this resolution not just in your friendships, but in all of your relationships and daily interactions.

Here’s to new and improved friendships in 2017!


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