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There’s one thing I feel like no one told me about being an adult. Literally no one said anything to me about the lack of free time I would have. Trying to balance work, time with family, exercise, random adult responsibilities (like figuring out why my toilet is making that weird noise), AND creative pursuits on the side seems almost impossible. Even making time for my friends feels really difficult, let alone making completely new ones.

But you know what? Being an adult is all about finding balance. Nothing is ever really impossible, it’s just about finding ways to fit in everything, in a way that feels good to you. So here’s my advice for finding time to maintain your existing friendships and deepen new ones even when life is chaotic: Just. Make. Time.

I know, I know. That seems super unhelpful. But the thing is – there is always time. You can always fit something in. Everyone needs their morning coffee and everyone needs to eat. So at the very least, invite a friend to join you! Seriously, this is the best advice I can give ya – maintain y0ur friendships (and foster new ones) by just inviting your gals to join you for things you don’t HAVE to be alone for. So, like, don’t ask your girl to come with you to the dentist, but how about grocery shopping together??

If you make a real effort, you’ll find time and space to include your friends. Our friends are our chosen family and they’re super important! No, really. They can even help you live longer (REALLY). So it’s even more necessary to pull them in closer when life gets a lil’ cray.

How to do you make time for friends when your planner doesn’t have room in the margins? Tell me in the comments!

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Editorial @ VINA; lover of film, music made in bedrooms, art, and intersectional feminism; and harboring a (not so) secret weakness for reality TV and the color pink 💞💘. If I'm M.I.A. you'll probably be able to find me staring at an Ellsworth Kelly at SFMOMA or taking in the ocean breeze at Land's End.


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